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Boiler lining use refractory plastic materials is different from ladle

June 1, 2022

The fire-resistant plastics used for boiler lining are different from those used for iron cement lining, because the fire-resistant plastics used for boiler lining are bonded with phosphoric acid, while the fire-resistant plastics used for hot metal lining are bonded with resin.


Boiler and furnace roof with refractory plastic, are all with a 3-0 and powder particles on the combination of using diluted phosphoric acid, phosphoric acid is a combination of material has to be trapped, if is urgent need, plastic manufacturers will direct some binder, did trapped in the transportation time is expected, and to use to join the rest of the binder, when using can be used directly. If the use period is long, the particles and powder are individually packaged, and the phosphoric acid binder is packaged in barrels. When adding part of the binder to the construction, the binder must be trapped for more than 16 hours before adding another binder for construction. So the way of production is different depending on the situation.


The refractory plastic used in hot metal packaging is combined with resin, without the need for trapped material. When construction, directly add the appropriate proportion, and is the direct use of diluted resin mixing. Because resin and phosphoric acid combined use methods are not the same, the price is also a lot of difference. The use of temperature is not the same, and the use of the effect is not the same.


Whether you dilute it with phosphoric acid or dilute it with resin. There is a certain proportion of aggregate and powder do raw materials, binding agent is also added in proportion, the difference is only the problem of trapped and not trapped materials and different prices. Of course, the temperature is also different. But the amount of refractory plastic used in hot metal packaging is not much, which plays a remedial role. Phosphoric acid combined with refractory plastic can also play the role of lining repair, can also be used in large areas of the use of the use of the layer.


These two kinds of fire-resistant plastic combined in different ways are different binding agents and different ways of adding. Construction ramming way is basically the same, but with different furnace lining different temperature.