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Bottom leveling material and filling material are not the same refractory castable

April 22, 2022

Bottom leveling material and filling material are not the same refractory castable

Bottom leveling material and filling material may be the same refractory castable, or may not be the same, because some of the filling material is aggregate and powder directly dry into the firebrick brick joint. And some use castable to fill the gap after mixing firebrick.


At present, there are many manufacturers on the market, which use the same kind of castable, but the aggregate particle can not be too large, because the aggregate particle is too large to fill in, generally controlled at 0-6 particles. The bottom leveling material is either high aluminum castable or refractory concrete.


Refractory castables of the same material can be used if high aluminum castables are used.


However, if there is no bottom screener and only a filling material, there are also 0-6 aggregate particles, which can be made into a high aluminum castable combined with high aluminum cement. Can also be made into different grades according to the temperature of the firebrick layer, made to adapt to the temperature of the working layer castable. After adding water to stir, fill in the gap of firebrick to work, in order to increase the air tightness of furnace lining, so that the temperature inside the furnace is slow down, so that the fuel is saved, and the temperature outside the furnace is relatively low. At the same time also saves the production cost.


If at the same time with the bottom leveling and firebrick filling, it is completely possible to make the same refractory castable, that is, to make the bottom leveling, and fill the gap between the firebrick. The reason is that during construction, there is no need to exchange castable back and forth, and the temperature of the same furnace lining is only a little change. The construction of the same castable is convenient, and it also prevents the gas field from being different from the same castable.


Therefore, the filling of the leveling material is not absolute, but depends on the use of different furnace lining temperature and different gas field and customized into what material and grade of refractory castable. Can use the same kind, can also use the same material, different grades of castable.