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Know about Electrofused zirconium corundum brick

January 17, 2022

Electrofused zirconium corundum brick also known as AZS electrofused zirconium corundum brick English abbreviation is AZS, is according to the three chemical composition of Al2O3-ZrO2-SiO2 terpolymer phase diagram, according to the content of the order, Al2O3 take A, ZrO2 take Z, SiO2 take S, the national standard uses this abbreviation, such as 33 fused cast zirconium corundum brick, Abbreviated as AZS-33#, No. 36 Fused cast corundum brick, abbreviated as AZS-36#, No. 41 fused cast corundum brick, abbreviated as AZS-41#.


Zirconium fused corundum brick is made of pure alumina powder with containing zirconium oxide 34% and silicon dioxide 65% zircon sand in electric furnace melting into a model cooling after internalization of white solid, the petrographic structure composed of zirconium corundum and inclined stone eutectoid and glass phase composition, tell from the reading is eutectoid zirconium corundum phase and slanting stone, glass phase between the crystallization of them.


The manufacturing process of electrosmelting cast brick combines selected zircon sand and industrial aluminum oxide powder according to 1:1, plus a small amount of Flux NaZO(added in the form of sodium carbonate) and B20 (added in the form of boric acid or borax), mixed evenly, melted at 1800~1900℃ and then cast into shape, can make the casting brick containing ZrO2 33%. On this basis, casting bricks containing ZrO2 of 36%~41% can be prepared by using partial desilicated zircon sand as raw material. Z irconia- eorundumrefraetory brick is a refractory product with 33%~45% ZrO2 content made from industrial alumina powder and selected zircon sand. Lead corundum brick is mainly used in glass industry kiln.


The AZS bricks produced by CH Purified tories have stable and compact microstructure and are highly resistant to glass liquid erosion. Welcome to contact us for detailed technical information and quotation of AZS bricks.