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Reasons for spalling of refractory castable used in calcium carbide furnace cover

April 2, 2022

Reasons for spalling of refractory castable used in calcium carbide furnace cover

The biggest reason of spalling refractory castable used in calcium carbide furnace cover is the damage of anchor. Improper shape of anchor will cause damage to anchor first, which will cause castable to fall off. In addition, the quality of refractory castable and construction operation will also cause castable to fall off.

The furnace cover of calcium carbide furnace is an important part to determine the gas efficiency of closed furnace. In the production and use, the furnace cover is easy to smoke, fire, by smoke and heat loss of airflow erosion serious. Therefore, the most important thing to pay attention to when using refractory castable for furnace cover is the shedding of castable.

Calcium carbide furnace furnace cover installation of anchorage is very important, but the shape of the anchorage parts is top priority, will generally use V anchor pieces, but the anchoring piece bending of the loss, the most easily when welding anchor pieces must be of the anchorage bend or string it handle, the most scientific way is to fold bend flat spin distance, The distance of flat folding had better not be less than 20mm, so as to ensure the buffering in the most easy to wear, so that the use cycle of anchoring parts increases.

The flat folding of the anchor can also be extended to 30mm. In this way, the service cycle can be lengthened. The flat folding of the V-type above should be lengthened, and then the flat folding of the upper part of the anchor should be painted twice, the thickness is 2mm, and the plastic cap can also be taken.

Bolts shall be welded to 30 bolts per square before casting of refractory castable. The diameter shall not be greater than 6, and the thickness of refractory castable shall not be less than 150mm, but the castable shall use micropowder technology. In this way, less cement is added and the calcium content of refractory castable is low. In the construction, when the refractory castable is stirred, the amount of water should be added as little as possible to ensure the later use strength of the castable, so as to prevent the castable for the furnace cover from falling off.