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Selection of zinc volatilization kiln lining brick material

May 15, 2024

Zinc volatilization kiln belongs to dynamic kiln, the kiln is in the running state of high temperature and continuous rolling, the physical and chemical reaction in the lining is intense and complex, the kiln lining is seriously worn, so the selection of refractory bricks in the lining should be very careful.


Zinc volatilization kiln body lining volume is large, will easily cause cylinder deformation; better use the bricks with reasonable design and the select suitable materials of firebrick; if the refractory brick have many joints, it will be easy to be eroded by slag, so should use dry brick construction; In addition, the kiln lining will be subjected to the combined influence of mechanical erosion and reduction atmosphere, and the erosion rate of the lining refractory will be very fast. Choose the corrosion resistance, wear-resistant material refractory brick is the premise, clay brick erosion is the fastest, magnesia brick, magnesia aluminum brick, chromium slag brick and magnesia chrome chrome brick erosion is slower.


In recent years, the special phosphate brick developed by the manufacturer of phosphate brick, means the phosphate brick with a body density of more than 2.9, the use effect is also quite good, but the use effect of magnesium aluminum chromium brick on the volatile kiln is also quite good, the difference from the two materials of refractory brick is that one is chemically combined brick, one is magnesia refractory brick, and another difference is about the price. The price of special phosphate brick is still lower than magnesium aluminum chrome brick. So the use of special phosphate bricks has more advantage.



If you choose magnesia-aluminum chrome brick, it is completely OK, its service cycle is long, the replacement frequency is low, if from the price, the special phosphate brick cost is low, it is also a good choice for high temperature zone lining. At present, there are more special phosphate bricks on the market.



Compare the using condition of high-aluminum bricks and ordinary phosphate bricks, In terms of market usage ratio, there are more ordinary phosphate bricks, if special phosphate bricks are used in the high-temperate zone, they are made of the same material as high-temperate zone bricks, the kiln lining atmosphere is consistent, and phosphate bricks are wear-resistant than high-aluminum bricks, the service cycle is relatively longer.