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The quality of clay castable whether related to the color

May 8, 2024

The appearance of the color presented by the clay castable has nothing to do with its intrinsic quality.


Clay castable is the low grade castable and it’s used in furnace linings at temperatures below 1200℃. Its color is related to the silicon powder added, the color of silica fume is uncontrollable, because there are many factors determining the color, the color is also unstable, if the color is strict, be sure to clearly state, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes.


The color of micro-silica powder mainly has white, gray, gray, gray black, black and so on. There are so many colors, mainly due to the production of alloy products of raw materials and processes determined, so each factory produced silica fume must be unique, in a certain aspect must be different.


Microsilica powder is an essential raw material in refractory castable. The flow value of castable can be increased by adding silica powder to castable. Silicon powder particle size is small, spherical particles, extremely easy to enter the tiny gap of castable, and the addition of silicon powder has a good water reduction effect, but also can improve the density of refractory castable, reduce the porosity, so as to make the strength of refractory castable better.


It’s unscientific to judge the quality of clay castable only from the appearance color. The silicon powder purchased by different manufacturers in different batches will have different color, but it has nothing to do with the quality of the clay castable.


The quality of clay castable has a great relationship with the amount of water added, setting time, strength and baking. If too much water is added during construction is the key factor affecting its quality, because too much water is added and the setting time is long, the later drainage process will have a certain impact, if the baking temperature is too fast, or the baking time is too short, it is the key to affect the quality of castable.


Therefore, the quality of clay castable is related to the production process ratio, construction water, setting time, and baking, but has nothing to do with the appearance color.