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The wrong region when using ramming materials in the induction furnace

June 21, 2022

As we all know, induction furnace ramming material has a wide range of application, whether it is cast iron, cast steel, cast copper, nodular cast iron, gray iron, plain carbon steel, high manganese steel, stainless steel, special steel, alloy steel, iron alloy, alloy copper and other foundry, steelmaking, ironmaking plant will be used in induction furnace ramming material. There are many mistakes in the application of induction furnace ramming materials. For example, some customers think that white quartz sand should be used as the raw material for quartz sand, and some think that the finer the better, and some say that only powder is not needed. These are the induction furnace ramming materials do not understand the formation. After having a plenty of because used fine material, feel furnace age is pretty good, choose fine material all along so, and do not want to use relatively thick material. This is a myth. Now, the main demand for quartz sand raw materials is investigated by several factors, one is the content of silicon, but also the content of silica. Silica must be above 99%, the higher the fire resistance, the better.


Now many use red quartz sand, because the red quartz sand has high refractoriness, the general quartz refractoriness limit is 1760 degrees, and the red quartz refractoriness can reach 1750 degrees. White quartz sand refractoriness is generally in 1700 degrees. There is in addition to iron filings, in quartz processing when easy to mix iron, so in the production of induction furnace ramming material must be removed iron, otherwise easy to cause the phenomenon of furnace.


As for the ratio of quartz sand particles, the finer the better or the thicker the better. This should be done on a case-by-case basis. For example, it is a ton of electric furnace, so the selection of slightly coarse particles does not affect, the selection of fine points can also be. If it is 40 tons of induction furnace, 15 tons of induction furnace so the selection of very fine particles is not appropriate. The same one ton of electric furnace, coarse and fine particles can be, only the proportion of reasonable allocation can be. It's mostly a matter of habit. As the saying goes: three points of material seven points of use. No matter how good the data, if the oven is not good, the same furnace age is not high. Therefore, when we use it, in addition to the induction furnace ramming material should be bought by the appropriate manufacturer, the oven must be strictly executed in accordance with the instructions given by the manufacturer.