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What are the factors affecting the lining life of intermediate frequency furnace?

August 23, 2022

If furnace lining is one of the important parts of IF furnace, the life of IF furnace lining also has a great influence on the service life of IF furnace, so it is necessary to ensure the service time of IF furnace lining and improve the service life of IF furnace lining.


Here are the factors affecting lining life of intermediate frequency furnace:


1. Knotting process

The knotting quality of the furnace lining will directly affect the service life of the intermediate frequency furnace, so the sand particle size is uniform when the furnace lining knotting, the coarse and fine particles do not produce segregation, and pay attention to the tight combination between the layer and the layer when feeding, so as to ensure the high density of the knotted furnace lining, the strength of the sintered layer, and the quality of the furnace lining.


2. Electric furnace capacity and furnace wall thickness

Intermediate frequency furnace electric capacity, the greater the furnace wall of liquid metal under the static pressure will increase, the scouring effect of electromagnetic stirring force for furnace wall will also strengthen, if in pursuit of super pack, reduce the wall thickness, for those large electric furnace, the service life of furnace lining will be significantly reduced, so to select suitable for electric furnace capacity of furnace wall thickness, it can prolong the life time of the furnace wall.


3. Melting temperature

If the molten metal melting temperature in the intermediate frequency furnace is too high, the corrosion of slag on the lining will be aggravated. Each kind of casting melting temperature has its requirements, to often observe and measure to find the appropriate melting temperature, do not blindly pursue high temperature, too high temperature will not only burn alloy, but also cause damage to the furnace lining.


4, Melting material

For the furnace lining, when the furnace wall has not been sintered, smelting as far as possible to choose relatively clean metal materials, avoid which components are complex, rust, oil pollution more materials, especially oil-immersed waste iron filings. The material with low melting point and good fluidity will intensify the penetration of the furnace wall, and the material with high melting point needs higher melting temperature, which will affect the life of the furnace lining.


5. Smelting operation

The wrong smelting operation will accelerate the wear of the lining, thus reducing the service life of the lining. Metal burden charging affects the burden in terms of melting speed, in order to speed up the melting furnace charge, charging requirements closely, but also to avoid burden bridging phenomenon occurring in the melting process, makes the lower part has molten metal overheating, intensifying metal suction loss of alloy elements, on the lining erosion, affect the service life of furnace lining.

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