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Magnesite Refractory Ramming Mass With SiO2 Chemical Composition

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: CH Refractories
Model Number: CH-DDL
Detail Information
Cold Crushing Strength: ≥50MPa Shape: Granular, Powder
Bulk Density: 1.7-2.2g/cm3 Material: Alumina, High Alumina, Magnesia, Magnesia-Alumina, Silica, Zirconia
Usage: Molten Steel Melting Product Name: Refractory Ramming Mass
Application: Coreless Induction Furnac Size: 0-3mm, 3-6mm, 6-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-30mm, 30-50mm
High Light:

Refractory Magnesite Ramming Mass


Refractory Magnesite Ramming Mass with SiO2


Chemical Composition Magnesite Ramming Mass

Product Description

Product Description:

Refractory Ramming Mass is a kind of quartz ramming mass or magnesite ramming mass, which is composed of high-temperature refractory materials such as Al2O3, SiO2, MgO, ZrO2 and Fe2O3. It is mainly used to melt and contain molten steel in steelmaking process. Refractory Ramming Mass has a wide range of colors, including white, gray, yellow, brown and black. The main component MgO is between 60-90%, and the porosity is less than 18%. Besides, this product can also be customized according to the customer's needs. Refractory Ramming Mass has excellent performance and strong resistance to high temperature and corrosion, making it a reliable refractory material for molten steel melting and other high-temperature applications.



  • Product Name: Refractory Ramming Mass
  • Refractoriness: 1700-1790℃
  • Cold Crushing Strength: ≥50MPa
  • Color: White, Gray, Yellow, Brown, Black
  • Shape: Granular, Powder
  • Materials: Zircon Ramming Mass, 99% Sio2 Quartz Ramming Mass

Technical Parameters:

Product Name Technical Parameters
Refractory Ramming Mass Porosity: ≤18%
MgO: 60-90% MgO Or Customized
Application: Coreless Induction Furnac
Shape: Granular, Powder
Color: White, Gray, Yellow, Brown, Black
Material: Alumina, High Alumina, Magnesia, Magnesia-Alumina, Silica, Zirconia
Cold Crushing Strength: ≥50MPa
Refractoriness: 1700-1790℃
Chemical Composition: Al2O3, SiO2, MgO, ZrO2, Fe2O3


CH Refractories' Refractory Ramming Mass is designed to provide superior performance in coreless induction furnaces. With its model number CH-DDL, this product is made from high quality raw materials and is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1700-1790℃. Its bulk density falls between 1.7-2.2g/cm3 and is available in sizes ranging from 0-3mm, 3-6mm, 6-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-30mm and 30-50mm. This Refractory Ramming Mass is perfect for applications requiring high-temperature refractory materials, such as AZS Ramming Mass, Zircon Ramming Mass, 99 SiO2 Quartz Ramming Mass, etc.



CH Refractories offers customized services for Refractory Ramming Mass with model number CH-DDL. Our products are made of Alumina, High Alumina, Magnesia, Magnesia-Alumina, Silica, and Zirconia with a bulk density of 1.7-2.2g/cm3 and porosity of ≤18%. The available colors are White, Gray, Yellow, Brown, and Black, and it can be made into Granular or Powder shape. We specialize in magnesite ramming mass, magnesite ramming mass, and zircon ramming mass.


Support and Services:

Technical Support and Service for Refractory Ramming Mass

We are committed to providing the best technical support and service for Refractory Ramming Mass. We provide pre-sales and after-sales technical services, including technical consultation, guidance on product selection, installation support and commissioning, troubleshooting, and product maintenance.

For pre-sales service, our professional customer service team will provide detailed technical advice and product information so that customers can make the best choices. We also provide product installation and commissioning services to help customers get the most out of their Refractory Ramming Mass.

For after-sales service, our team is always ready to help customers with troubleshooting and product maintenance. We can provide customized solutions for customers' special needs, and our experienced engineers will provide timely solutions to ensure the smooth operation of the Refractory Ramming Mass.

At Refractory Ramming Mass, we are continuously striving to provide the best service to our customers. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our Refractory Ramming Mass.


Packing and Shipping:

Refractory Ramming Mass must be packed and shipped in a safe and secure manner. The product must be placed in a sealed container with a protective inner lining. The container should be well-labeled and clearly marked with the product name, weight, and other relevant information. The container must also be protected from moisture, heat, and other environmental conditions. It is also recommended that the product is shipped with a tracking number to ensure it reaches its destination. In addition to this, the packaging should be designed in a way that prevents damage during transport and handling.

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