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Castable or ramming material for lining of intermediate frequency furnace

May 30, 2022

The lining of intermediate frequency furnace depends on the size of the furnace to decide whether to use castable or ramming material.


Under normal circumstances, the small furnace is 1 ton of intermediate frequency furnace will use castable, if it is a vacuum furnace is first made of castable crucible, after 1200℃ baking, directly into the furnace lining for use. And a little bigger furnace lining, such as 15 tons of medium frequency furnace, is to use refractory ramming material to do lining material.


The material of crucible castable is also the same as that of large-tonnage furnace lining ramming material, aluminum magnesium spinel castable. However, particles have a certain limit, and the particles of castable are between 0 and 3. The particle of ramming material is 0-5mm, the largest is 0-7mm. And refractory ramming material is ramming construction in the field. Because the amount of water added by ramming material is small, it has certain benefits for the lining baking of intermediate frequency furnace.


If small tonnage vacuum furnace lining with castable, it can also be constructed in the field, but there are not many manufacturers with such construction, because the furnace lining is small, it is difficult to cast. It is best to be in the castable manufacturer, directly cast into the crucible and furnace lining shape exactly the same, after barbecuing hair to use the manufacturer, directly into the lining for use. It works better that way.


Whether it is castable or ramming material, but also depends on the medium frequency furnace atmosphere of the material, if it is acidic lining to use acid material to do refractory ramming material, if it is neutral is to use plate corundum or white corundum made of jade ramming material. And if it is alkaline furnace lining, it is to use alkaline material to do ramming material.


Due to the use of intermediate frequency furnace is not sustainable, the ramming material made of alkaline material is not as good as neutral material in thermal shock. With the continuous improvement of actual use, aluminum magnesium spinel ramming material is used as lining. In this way, the problem of thermal shock is solved, and the atmosphere of the material is basically consistent with the lining. Such castables with alkaline lining atmosphere or refractory ramming are used more often.