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Detailed explanation of high aluminum brick

June 28, 2023

High alumina brick is a kind of middle grade Fire brick among the stereotyped products of refractory materials. It belongs to neutral refractory materials and is used in the lining of industrial kilns.


The quality of high alumina bricks is distinguished by different aluminum content and body density, and the fire resistance of high alumina bricks reaches 1790 ℃. It is also possible to add different ingredients of raw materials to produce different materials and composite refractory bricks. By adding a certain proportion of phosphoric acid and sintering at low temperature, phosphate bricks can be produced. By adding a certain proportion of silicon carbide, high-temperature sintering can produce silicon molybdenum bricks or silicon carbide bricks. Adding Andalusite and sillimanite of different proportions can produce low creep high alumina bricks. These three Fire brick also distinguish different grades and quality of Fire brick according to different contents and bulk densities.


From the perspective of high aluminum bricks alone, if the aluminum content exceeds 48%, they can be called high aluminum bricks. There are also high aluminum bricks with different aluminum contents of 55%, 65%, 75%, 80%, and 85%, which can be used in furnace lining at different temperatures. However, high alumina bricks are not suitable for use in acidic or alkaline furnace linings. The composition of high alumina bricks is aluminum, and the production technology is to add high alumina particles in different proportions to high alumina powder, which is formed under high pressure and sintered at high temperature. High strength and good thermal shock stability.


In particular, composite materials of different materials are used more widely. Corundum, silicon carbide, silicon nitride, Andalusite, Kyanite, sillimanite, magnesium powder and other materials can be used in special furnace linings in different fields. The scope of use of high alumina bricks has been further expanded.


High alumina bricks are the most widely used and widely used refractory product among refractory materials. They can be used in various furnace linings in industries such as metallurgy, building materials, environmental protection, power, glass, etc. They are most suitable for use at high temperatures of 1250-1500 ℃.