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Does the castable still usable without fluidity after adding retarder?

July 12, 2023

After the castable is added with retarding agent, it cannot be used without fluidity, because the castable has difficulty condensing without fluidity, which seriously affects the strength of the castable.


As for the castable manufacturers, under normal circumstances, according to the weather throughout the year, they will add coagulant in winter, and add retarder in summer to adjust the condensation of castable. Because below 5℃ and above 33℃ will affect the solidification time of castable. The most suitable temperature for the construction of castable is 15-25 ° C, if it is a fast-drying explosion-proof castable, below 15°C must be added to the binder for adjustment intervention.


If the setting time is too long or the fluidity is directly lost after the addition of retarder in summer, one is that the retarder is added to excess, and the other is that the ratio of coarse particles and fine powders is unreasonable in the castable process ratio. If the ratio of coarse particles and fine powder is unreasonable, the castable will be separated and stratified when mixed with water during construction.


If the fluidity of retarding agent is reduced in the laboratory, this batch of castable can not be used, the main reason is that the amount of retarding agent is too large. In addition, when the manufacturer is producing, it is necessary to control the process ratio during production. To eliminate the adverse possibility that the product may occur.


For Castables, especially in summer or winter, only the fluidity measured in the laboratory can not be used as the final basis. Because the size of castable aggregate is different and the temperature during construction is different, the effect of use is also different. It must be based on the temperature and actual use of the phenomenon.


So the fluidity of castable is very important, without the fluidity of the site there is no way to carry out construction.