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The difference between low creep high alumina brick and low porosity high alumina brick

August 14, 2023

The low porosity high alumina brick has low porosity and strong corrosion resistance, low creep high alumina brick is used in different conditions of furnace lining.


Low creep brick has high refractoriness, high softening temperature under load, low creep rate, and good thermal shock stability and chemical stability when used in furnace lining.


Low creep high alumina brick creep rate of 0.1-0.4%. When used at high temperatures, the deformation of creep bricks is very small, and the bulk density of this brick is high, and the strength and wear resistance are also increased. Can greatly contribute to the overall stability of the kiln. The apparent porosity of low porosity bricks is usually between 12-20%. The pore distribution inside the brick of low porosity brick is moderate, which helps to improve the stability of the brick.


Low creep high alumina brick has high load softening, strong thermal shock resistance, and can withstand rapid temperature change and multiple thermal shock cycles in the kiln. The corrosion resistance of low creep high aluminum bricks can also resist the erosion of many chemicals. In high temperature environment, it has certain corrosion resistance to alkali metals, sulfur, chlorine, etc.


Although the main raw material of these two kinds of high alumina bricks is high bauxite, although the sintering temperature and the same press to press, but the process ratio is not the same, low porosity bricks need to add burnt gems to adjust the porosity, increase the corrosion resistance, low creep bricks need to add red monolitic stone or mullite to adjust the creep rate. Only in the use of different lining, according to the needs of the manufacturer and the process adjustment of high temperature sintering.


Although these two are the category of high aluminum brick series, the use and the added raw material composition are not the same, and the price has changed, because the price of raw materials makes it different. In short, low porosity high aluminum bricks and low creep high aluminum bricks are the same, are the raw materials of high bauxite, the difference is that the performance is different.