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Which are more suitable for lime kiln lining between Phosphate brick and high alumina brick

April 8, 2024

Phosphate brick and high aluminum brick can be both used in the lining of lime kiln, phosphate brick is more suitable for the calcined zone than high aluminum brick.


Lime kiln is divided into vertical kiln and rotary kiln. At present, there are many vertical kiln tools on the market. Vertical kiln is generally used with high aluminum brick, clay brick and phosphate brick as the lining. However, if it is a rotary kiln, all phosphate bricks are used, low temperature belt with phosphate wear-resistant bricks, and high temperature zone with special phosphate bricks. Because the phosphate wear-resistant brick is alkaline atmosphere inside the kiln lining, the atmosphere is consistent with the lime, and the lime activity is good under the condition of the same gas field.


However, the transition zone is also used with high-aluminum refractory bricks, and the shaft kiln lining is also lined with clay bricks and high-aluminum bricks. The cost of high-aluminum refractory bricks is relatively lower than that of phosphate, but according to the use cycle, high-aluminum bricks are not as long as phosphate refractory bricks in the lime kiln lining. The lining material of shaft kiln lime kiln also depends on the region and the habit of the user. Some manufacturers use high-aluminum bricks, while some manufacturers use phosphate refractory bricks, which has no standard provisions. The lining is made according to the requirements of the user.


If from the view of technical point, phosphate wear-resistant bricks are more suitable than high-aluminum bricks for use in lime kiln lining, the main reason is that the use period is long, and the atmosphere is similar to the activity of the lime fired better.


In short, it’s no matter to use the phosphate bricks or high aluminum bricks, should notice that phosphate bricks are more suitable for use in lime kiln lining. If it is a rotary kiln, the whole kiln lining with phosphate bricks will be better.