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Low Thermal Conductivity Clay Refractory Bricks Rectangular Fire Resistant

Basic Information
Place of Origin: HENAN
Brand Name: CH Refractories
Model Number: CH65
Detail Information
Size: Standard Shape: Rectangular
Compressive Strength: High Thermal Shock Resistance: High
Density: High Chemical Resistance: High
Thermal Conductivity: Low Moisture Absorption: Low
High Light:

Fire resistant Clay Refractory Bricks


Low Thermal Conductivity Refractory Fire Bricks


CH Refractories Fire Bricks

Product Description

Product Description:

Fire-resistant Refractory Bricks are designed to withstand high temperatures, chemical corrosion, and compressive forces. These bricks feature excellent thermal insulation and a high melting point, making them ideal for high temperature applications and fire protection. The bricks are available in a rectangular shape, making them versatile for a variety of projects. Their high chemical resistance and compressive strength makes them an excellent choice for those looking for a practical and durable solution for their fire-resistant needs. Fire-resistant Refractory Bricks are perfect for any project requiring fire protection, high-temperature resistance, and reliable performance.



  • Product Name: Fire Refractory Bricks
  • Thermal Insulation: High
  • Refractoriness: High
  • Flexural Strength: High
  • Melting Point: High
  • Compressive Strength: High
  • Fireproof: Yes


CH Refractories' CH65 high-temperature refractory bricks provide a perfect and reliable solution for a wide range of applications. These fireproof and fire-resistant bricks have a high compressive strength, low thermal conductivity, and a red color. The refractoriness and melting point are also very high, making them ideal for high-temperature applications.

CH Refractories' CH65 high-temperature refractory bricks are perfect for a variety of applications and scenarios, including the lining of industrial furnaces, kilns, and stoves, the construction of fireplaces, the insulation of boilers, and the manufacturing of steel and cement. These bricks are also great for environmental uses, such as the insulation of water pipes and air ducts, as well as the construction of firewalls.

CH Refractories' CH65 high-temperature refractory bricks are great for any application that requires high-temperature strength and protection. They have been certified and tested to meet the highest standards of quality and safety, and are sure to provide reliable protection and durability for any high-temperature application.



CH Refractories Fire Refractory Bricks

Brand Name: CH Refractories

Model Number: CH65

Place of Origin: HENAN

Compressive Strength: High

Shape: Rectangular

Thermal Conductivity: Low

Color: Red

Refractoriness: High

CH Refractories Fire Refractory Bricks are high-temperature, fireproof bricks specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures. These fireproof bricks offer superior compressive strength, low thermal conductivity, and a rectangular shape, making it an ideal choice for high-temperature applications. The red color and high refractoriness of these bricks make them ideal for use in fireproof construction projects.


Support and Services:

Fire Refractory Bricks provides technical support and services to help customers make the most of their product. Our expert technicians are available to provide customized solutions for each unique situation. We are here to answer any questions and provide guidance on how to best utilize the product. From installation to troubleshooting and maintenance, our team is here to ensure the customer’s satisfaction.

We also provide regular maintenance and repair services to keep the product functioning at its best. Our team is experienced in dealing with all kinds of fire refractory bricks and can provide the necessary guidance and expertise to ensure the customer’s safety and satisfaction. We also offer ongoing support and advice to help customers make the most of their product and ensure its longevity.


Packing and Shipping:

Fire Refractory Bricks will be packaged and shipped using the following methods:

  • Large orders will be packed in pallets and shipped on pallets using a freight carrier.
  • Smaller orders will be boxed and shipped via a parcel carrier.

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