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High Cold Crushing Magnesia Chrome Brick For Mohs Hardness 7.5 - 8.5

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CH Refractories
Model Number: CH-N
Detail Information
Thermal Conductivity: ≤0.7 W/m.k Name: Magnesia Chrome Brick
Bulk Density: 2.7-3.0 G/cm3 Linear Change: ≤0.4%
Porosity: ≤22% Apparent Porosity: ≤18%
Corrosion Resistance: Good Chemical Composition: MgO-Cr2O3
High Light:

Mohs Cold Crushing Magnesia Chrome Brick


Magnesia Hardness 7.5 Chrome Brick


3.0 G/cm3 Magnesia Chrome Brick

Product Description

Product Description:

Magnesia Chrome Brick is a type of furnace mgo bricks made of magnesia (MgO) and chrome (Cr2O3). It has excellent thermal conductivity, with a value of ≤0.7 W/m.k, and a refractoriness of 1700-1800℃, making it suitable for high-temperature applications. It also has a thermal expansion coefficient of 2.5-3.5×10-6/℃ and an apparent porosity of ≤18%. Magnesia chrome brick is highly durable and resistant to corrosion, making it the ideal choice for furnaces and other high-temperature applications.


  • Product Name: Magnesia Chrome Brick
  • Porosity: ≤22%
  • Apparent Porosity: ≤18%
  • Name: Magnesia Chrome Brick
  • Refractoriness: 1700-1800℃
  • Thermal Expansion Coefficient: 2.5-3.5×10-6/℃
  • Keywords: magnesia chrome brick, chrome magnesite bricks, furnace mgo bricks

Technical Parameters:

Property Value
Name Magnesia Chrome Brick
Bulk Density 2.7-3.0 g/cm3
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 2.5-3.5×10-6/℃
Refractoriness 1700-1800℃
Mohs Hardness 7.5-8.5
Linear Change ≤0.4%
Porosity ≤22%
Apparent Porosity ≤18%
Cold Crushing Strength ≥50 MPa
Corrosion Resistance Good


CH Refractories Magnesia Chrome Brick, with model number CH-N, is a high quality magnesia refractory brick made in China. It is well known for its corrosion resistance and low porosity of ≤22%. Its good thermal shock resistance and excellent thermal conductivity helps maintain a stable thermal environment in the furnace, and its low bulk density of 2.7-3.0 G/cm3 and linear change of ≤0.4% provide excellent insulation properties. The brick also has a thermal expansion coefficient of 2.5-3.5×10-6/℃, making it ideal for applications in high temperature furnaces, such as those used in steel-making, glass-making, and chemical industry, where it can withstand temperatures up to 1750℃.



CH Refractories Magnesia Chrome Brick

We are proud to present our CH-N Magnesia Chrome Brick. It is produced with the highest quality material and is designed to provide excellent performance. This product has a Mohs Hardness of 7.5-8.5, a Bulk Density of 2.7-3.0 G/cm3, an Apparent Porosity of ≤18%, a Thermal Expansion Coefficient of 2.5-3.5×10-6/℃, and a Cold Crushing Strength of ≥50 MPa. It is used in many applications such as furnace mgo bricks and magnesite chrome brick supplier. We are sure you won't be disappointed in the performance of this product.


Support and Services:

Technical Support and Service for Magnesia Chrome Brick:

We offer technical support and service for Magnesia Chrome Brick products. Our customer service team is available to answer any questions you may have, help troubleshoot problems, and provide any other assistance needed. We also provide installation and maintenance services to ensure that your Magnesia Chrome Brick products are functioning properly.

For more information on our technical support and service for Magnesia Chrome Brick products, please visit our website or contact us at



Q1: What is Magnesia Chrome Brick?

A1: CH Refractories Magnesia Chrome Brick (Model Number CH-N) is a refractory product from China made of high-purity magnesia and chrome oxide. It is designed to withstand high temperatures and provide good resistance against chemical attack, thermal shock, and abrasion.

Q2: What are the benefits of using Magnesia Chrome Brick?

A2: Magnesia Chrome Brick offers superior resistance to thermal shock, erosion, and acid attack, making it an ideal choice for applications in high-temperature environments. It also has excellent insulating properties and can be used to create fire-resistant structures.

Q3: What are the applications of Magnesia Chrome Brick?

A3: Magnesia Chrome Brick is widely used in a range of applications, including furnace linings, ladles, and metallurgical vessels. It is also used for the construction of high-temperature kilns, incinerators, and other heat-resistant structures.

Q4: What are the specifications of Magnesia Chrome Brick?

A4: CH Refractories Magnesia Chrome Brick has a density of 2.3-2.7 g/cm³, a porosity of 10-22%, a refractoriness of 1790°C, and a cold crushing strength of 30-80 MPa.

Q5: How should Magnesia Chrome Brick be stored?

A5: Magnesia Chrome Brick should be stored in a dry, ventilated area away from direct sunlight. It should also be kept away from corrosive substances and any other sources of heat or moisture.

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